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Facebook banned the Frenchman from broadcasting his death live. He suffers from an incurable disease and has stopped eating.

Euthanasia is prohibited in the country, but the man asked Macron to "let him die with dignity." The president said he could not put himself above the laws.

Alain Cock Photo Reuters

Facebook banned the Frenchman Alain Coc, who planned to show the last days before his death online, to broadcast live on social networks. Writes about it BBC.

57-year-old Alain Kok suffers from an incurable disease in which arteries throughout the body begin to stick together. Euthanasia is prohibited in France, but the man wrote a letter to President Emmanuel Macron – he described the suffering he was experiencing and asked him to “be allowed to die with dignity.” The head of state replied that he could not put himself above the laws, but admired his “outstanding willpower.”

After that, Kok stopped drinking water, taking food and medicine, on September 5, he “finished his last meal.” “I know that the coming days will be difficult, but I made my choice, I am calm,” said the man. Kok planned to broadcast his death on Facebook, but the company blocked his ability to broadcast until September 8, as the rules prohibit demonstrating suicide attempts. The Frenchman in response urged subscribers to send letters to the administration of the social network.

We respect his decision to draw attention to this complex and difficult issue. However, based on consultations with experts, we decided to block its broadcast.

Kok had previously called for changes in French law to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives the way they want.

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