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The largest rabbit in the world can give up the title to his son. He already weighs more than his father

The giant loves to gnaw on cabbage and furniture and lives in a separate house.

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Rabbit Darius in 2010 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world – then he weighed about 22 kilograms. But now he has a competitor in the form of his own son Dave. Writes about this Metro.

He was born in January 2019, but already weighs more than 25 kilograms and has reached a length of 120 centimeters. It remains only to officially confirm his leadership.
Every day, Dave eats at least two carrots and half a broccoli and nibbles it on a large bowl of kale and spinach. During the day, he also eats two more large bowls of rabbit food and has a snack on apples. It costs almost £ 500 a year to feed a rabbit.

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The rabbit became a loyal friend to the seven-year-old daughter of their owners, Ayla. According to her mother, the girl calls Dave her brother. She tries to spend as much time with him as possible, and especially became close to the animal during quarantine.

“It is difficult to pick him up because he is too big and heavy. Little rabbits jump a lot, but he can’t jump and twirl because he’s so massive. He just runs up to you and circles around, ”says the owner of the animal, Leah Woodcock.

In addition to cabbage, the giant is not averse to chewing on furniture and curtains. Recently, his family had to buy a new sofa for a thousand pounds and curtains for 180, since the previous ones Dave ruined. After that, he was moved to his own house in the garden.

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