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Elon Musk asked how he could help the Belarusians. And he got options – from public support to sending Lukashenka to Mars

Against the background of the "information blockade" in the West, which is being complained about in Belarus and Russia.


Elon Musk responded to a Twitter user for a post about violence in protests after the presidential elections in Belarus. The head of Tesla and SpaceX was one of the first famous people in the West to publicly respond to the situation.

“Belarus is on fire. Murder, beatings, torture: this is how autocracy wins its elections. Spread the word, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, anyone: if you have a platform, use it. ”

“Sorry to hear that. How can we help? ”

In less than an hour, Musk received over a thousand responses. He is offered to spread information in the West, make a statement, and even hang a white-red-white flag on Tesla.

“Just spread the word, Elon. The world needs to know. And subscribe, of course (optional) ”

“Please make a public statement condemning the violence in the streets of Belarus. Some famous musicians have already done this. “

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