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In 2018, Florida police arrested an eight-year-old boy who hit a teacher. The video of the arrest appeared on the network

The policeman tried to handcuff him, but the child’s wrists were too thin.

In December 2018, Key West police arrested an 8-year-old child after hitting a teacher. The boy’s mom sued for violating the People with Disabilities Act (the boy was diagnosed with ADHD), and civil rights lawyer Ben Crump posted a video of the arrest online, CNN reports .

CBS News Video

According to a police report, the teacher who looked after the children in the cafeteria asked the boy to sit correctly several times, but he did not obey. Then she went up to him. The child began to swear, asked not to touch him, and then hit the woman in the chest with his hand. The teacher did not receive visible injuries, but called the police.

The video of the arrest, which was released only on Monday, shows how the police ask the crying child to put their hands on the closet and search it. The officer also tries to handcuff him, but they are too large.

“My son was arrested, sent to prison, fingerprinted and DNA taken,” says the boy’s mother, Bianca Digennaro. For nine months, she tried to challenge the child’s felony charge. Following a verdict on the boy’s mental health, the Monroe County Court and Attorney’s Office decided it was best for his health to drop the charges.

The boy’s mother also said that he was diagnosed with “emotional and behavioral disabilities,” and the school developed a special program for him. It is not clear whether the teacher knew about these characteristics of the child.

Crump, who is also a lawyer for the George Floyd family, noted that the boy is of two races (his mother is Italian and his father is African American). He stated that such police actions teach children to be criminals. “The system is trying to put such children on the ‘school-prison’ conveyor,” added the human rights activist.

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