Android smartphones will start sending earthquake notifications and will be able to track them themselves

Google decided to create the largest seismological network – based on data from smartphones.


Google has added earthquake notifications to Android. Smartphones will begin to warn users and form a unified network to prevent such disasters. Google told about this in its blog.

For now, notifications will only work for California users. To do this, Google has agreed with the state authorities: the company will receive data from 700 seismometers and warn users in advance of tremors.

Google also came up with a solution for regions not so densely equipped with ground seismographs. The company proposes to use Android smartphones as miniature seismographs that form a single observation network.

Accelerometers in the devices will pick up earthquake signals and compare them with data from other smartphones in the region. So far, this information is used only to warn users through search results for the keywords “earthquake” and “earthquake near me.”

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