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Two schoolchildren from the United States posted a photo with a crowd of students without masks online. For this they were suspended from classes.

The principal threatened students with punishment for posting on social media that portray the school in a bad light.

Two students from North Paulding High School in Dallas, Jordia were suspended from classes for posting pictures on social media showing students not distancing themselves in hallways and wearing masks. This was reported by BuzzFeed News.

The pictures gained popularity after being posted on the @freeyourmindkid account.

This is the first day of school at North Paulding

Big photo from school

Hannah Waters, 15, who posted one photo and one video on her Twitter, told BuzzFeed that she was suspended for five days for doing so. She posted a picture with the caption: “Second day at school. It’s still bad. We had to stop because of the crowd. I was pushed several times. It is not normal. Not considering that about 10% wear masks. “

Photo by Hannah Waters

Waters said that in the principal’s office she was told that she had violated the rules of conduct at the school: “I allegedly used the phone in the hallway without permission, went to social networks and published photos of minors without their consent.” Waters said she will be appealing the school’s decision.

Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed that he, too, was suspended for posting a photo on Twitter. School representatives did not respond to the publication’s request.

According to school rules , wearing masks is recommended but not required. CBS46 reports that the principal warned students that they could be punished for posting on social media that make the school look bad.

North Paulding school teachers, students and their parents told BuzzFeed News that they considered the school’s opening a hasty one. Despite cases of Covid-19 infection among schoolchildren and school workers, lessons began on schedule, and students were threatened with expulsion if they refused to attend classes.

More than 204,000 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Georgia , with 2,026 deaths.

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