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Photo: view from space of Beirut after the explosion – buildings in the port area were destroyed to the foundation

Instead of a warehouse – a crater.

Roscosmos published a snapshot of the aftermath of the explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, which, according to the latest official data , killed 113 people and injured more than 4 thousand.

The photo was taken by the Russian satellite for Earth remote sensing “Kanopus-V”. From the picture we can conclude that almost all buildings near the center of the explosion were destroyed to the ground. A crater with a radius of 70 meters formed at the site of the warehouse where explosive substances were stored – and it was filled with sea water.

A photo of Beirut from space was also published by Airbus. In the first picture, you can see in more detail the crater at the site of the warehouse, and in the second, the consequences of the explosion near the nearby highway.

Satellite images were also posted by ImageSat – they show a “funnel” formed at the warehouse site from a different angle.

According to the Lebanese authorities, the cause was an explosion in a warehouse where 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored. The port employees wanted to seal up the holes through which it was possible to enter the warehouse, but during the welding work there was a fire and an explosion. The substance, which had been in the port for six years, was confiscated in 2014 from the Rhosus vessel, which flew under the Moldovan flag and belonged to a businessman from Khabarovsk.

Local authorities have estimated the damage at $ 3-5 billion. Many buildings, homes and offices were damaged, including those in the administrative region of Beirut. 250-300 thousand people were left without housing .

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