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From the back, the dog looked like a muscular man. The snapshot inspired the Internet for arts, photo toads and crafts

The broad-shouldered dog also fought the beefy Shiba Inu from last year’s memes.

On Twitter, a photo of a dog that looks like a broad-shouldered and muscular person from the back has gained popularity. Such an association inspired social network users to create arts, photo toads, videos and crafts.

It all started when Twitter user @ LLsize_11 posted a picture of his dog and wrote, “I accidentally took a picture of my dog, but … it looks like a broad-shouldered person. Now I can’t see it. “

In the replay, the dogs were also surprised at the “physical shape” of the dogs and began to create photo-toads. The dog was placed in the gym, in the ring, in the prison and the fighting video game Super Smash Bros.

A lot of art also appeared in the replay – the artists depicted a muscular dog from the back against different backgrounds. Someone even made a comic about an anthropomorphic dog.

“You talking to me?”

The users did not stop at the photo toads and art – they depicted the dog on coffee, made a full-length figure of a hero, and also animated a picture with a dog stylized as an anime.

Other “muscular” meme animals were also recalled on Twitter . And the hero of the arts and fotozhab began to fight the “pumped up” Shiba Inu .

The meme had reached such a level that users no longer understood what was shown in the original image. Therefore, the owner of the dog had to explain that the picture shows the “dog’s butt”.

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