Australia has invented a Shazam analog for spiders and snakes. The app helps you determine how dangerous they are

The creators of the application ask fellow citizens to upload as many photos as possible in order to better train the algorithm.

Photo by Critterpedia

Australia has launched the Critterpedia app , which can identify spider and snake species and report how dangerous they are. It was created by programmers Nick and Murray Scars with the help of the Australian National Science Agency. The agency provided them with information about different types of spiders and snakes and their photos. The algorithm was taught to recognize them from different angles and distances, writes Cnet.

The authors hope for help from the people of Australia. The AI-based algorithm requires a large amount of data, so the Scars ask their fellow citizens to take pictures and upload pictures of spiders and snakes that they meet in the wild into the application. This is important because the external differences between the two species can be subtle, and venomous animals can confuse humans. The platform will also take into account not only images, but also additional information, such as GPS.

“Critterpedia will create a world where people of all ages, backgrounds and status can value and respect the environment, where humans and animals can peacefully coexist,” says Skars.

Critterpedia is currently in beta testing. The creators of the app hope that ultimately it can save the lives of many people and animals. More than 2 thousand species of spiders and 170 species of snakes live in Australia.

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