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In Beirut, there was a violent explosion. There are dead and injured, the wave has caused huge damage to the city

The exact reason is still unknown, but there are many videos on social networks with the consequences of what happened – destroyed houses and chaos in the streets.

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In the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, a strong explosion thundered. This was reported by eyewitnesses in social networks, who captured the moment of the incident, and also filmed a mushroom cloud and a column of smoke.

According to the Daily Sabah , there are victims, but their number has not been specified. The local LBC newspaper, quoting the Minister of Health, declared a “very high number” of casualties and a lot of damage to Beirut. LBC, citing eyewitnesses, clarified that there are dozens of victims, and many wounded are already being admitted to hospitals.

Updated at 19:50 Reuters reported 10 dead. The publication refers to sources familiar with the situation.

It is already obvious that the explosion did cause enormous damage. The video on social networks shows partially destroyed buildings, broken glass in the windows and doors of houses, cars scattered along the highway. “All the windows in the center of the city are broken, there are many wounded people around. Complete chaos, ”an eyewitness told Reuters.

Explosion versions

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said a pyrotechnic ship exploded in the port of Beirut. This version is confirmed by Reuters. Al Arabiya TV channel clarified that several explosions occurred in the city, audible more than 20 kilometers from it.

The first explosion, according to the TV channel, thundered near the oil tanks in the port. The secret services explained to Reuters that the explosion took place in the area where the explosives were stored – but the publication did not find out what it was about.

Some on social media suggested that the explosion could have been the result of a nuclear explosion. Against this background, Bellingcat recalled that the mushroom cloud does not always indicate this reason.

Pictures of Beirut


Eyewitness videos

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