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The tallest giraffe in the world was found in Australia. His height is 5.7 meters

A male named Forest lives at the Birwa Zoo.

A 12-year-old male giraffe named Forest from the Australian Zoo in Queensland was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest giraffe in the world. His height is 5.7 meters, according to the organization’s website. Adult males usually reach a height of 4.6-5.5 meters.

Giraffe Forest Photo

To take measurements, I had to make a special pole and install it next to the giraffe’s feeder. The measurement process took several months, for which the representatives of the book of records also took photos and videos of the animal.

Forest was born at a zoo in New Zealand in 2007 and was transported to Australia at the age of two. As part of a breeding program for these animals, he became the father of 12 cubs, and soon another one is due to be born. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has included giraffes in the Red List of Vulnerable Species.

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