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Roskomnadzor announced the unlocking of Telegram

The messenger has been officially blocked in Russia since 2018.

Roskomnadzor announced the unblocking of Telegram, according to the agency’s website. Requirements to restrict access to the messenger are removed, the decision is agreed with the Prosecutor General of Russia.

We are ready to cooperate with all Internet companies operating in the country to quickly suppress the spread of terrorist and extremist information, child pornography, and the promotion of suicide and drugs.

statement of Roskomnadzor

On June 4, the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov supported the idea of ​​State Duma deputies to unblock Telegram. According to him, the messenger in Russia was blocked precisely under the pretext of the fight against terrorism. But for more than two years, the company itself learned to fight extremism, without sacrificing user privacy.

The agency’s statement noted that Roskomnadzor “positively assesses” Durov’s readiness to counter terrorism and extremism.

Updated at 17:05 Roskomnadzor removed from the list of blocked resources .

  • Roskomnadzor announcedthe blocking of Telegram in April 2018 by a decision of the Tagansky court of Moscow. The reason was the leadership of the messenger to transfer encryption keys to the FSB. To do this, the office has blocked more than 17 million IP addresses. Despite this, the service is still available to users;
  • Former head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov called theblocking of the messenger futile, but assured that the agency still blocks Telegram IP addresses. He stated that Roskomnadzor is developing new ways to completely block the messenger;
  • At the end of April 2020, Just Russia’s deputies reportedthat they had prepared a bill to unblock Telegram. He was introduced to the State Duma on June 15;
  • The authors of the bill indicated that although the messenger is blocked in Russia, it can be freely used in the country.
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