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US authorities track mobile subscribers to create pandemic map

The US government uses the location data of subscribers of mobile operators to create a map of the distribution of coronavirus in the country. It is alleged that the data comes in anonymized form without reference to the owner of the number. In a similar way, data is collected for targeted advertising to mobile subscribers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the goal of the Centers for Disease Control and government is to create a platform to track the situation in 500 cities across the country. In particular, this will help to find out whether people really sit at home, where it is required, where there are more often the relationship of these and other parameters with the spread of coronavirus.

However, even the fact that the data is completely anonymous causes criticism: not everyone agrees with the policy undertaken, as the information can supposedly be used for other purposes.

There is also evidence that a similar practice was used in some European countries, in particular, Italy, Germany and Austria. In Israel, the collection of information about the location of subscribers of cellular networks is completely legalized (but limited in the volume and time of observation). Data collection is conducted in China and Taiwan, as well as South Korea.

In Belarus, according to our data, such data are not currently available.

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