Iranian artist thanks doctors with emotional illustrations

Few people have doubts that ordinary doctors are doing everything possible to fight for the lives and health of people who have become victims of the coronavirus. The Iranian artist created a series of illustrations, which he tries to convey part of the gratitude to the doctors who were at the forefront.

It is unlikely that anyone could have thought how “fun” 2020 will begin. Apparently, the situation will continue to develop for some time, and the phrase “We live in an interesting historical moment, but want to return to an uninteresting one” sounds very useful.

The 39-year-old Alireza Pakdel tried to fill the meaning of his work, not forgetting the representatives of other professions – not only doctors. A selection has been published by Boredpanda.

Pakdel tried to convey in his work a sense of support that people want to provide others

Doctors were more important than the military, who can keep order, but can not defeat the enemy

The artist uses different characters, as many people try to help in one form or another

However, the main characters are doctors

However, the author now and then recalls that this is a common cause

Medical staff is probably the most difficult for a number of reasons. 
Being healthy, doctors cannot always stay with loved ones

Simple drawings sometimes evoke more emotion than words.

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