Indian policeman scares quarantine violators with a “coronavirus” helmet

In general, in India, quarantine violators are treated very harshly. Armed with the police in Mumbai – wooden sticks, which they gladly float . But they say that in smaller cities, law enforcement officers are not so cruel. Policeman Rajesh Babu, for example, got into many news articles and even became a meme.and today The Prime Minister of India recalled his yoga video tutorials during quarantine. In them, the role of the instructor is played by its 3D copy

The man took a motorcycle helmet and asked a friend craftsman to decorate it under the coronavirus. Funny red rays made of paper. Babu says such a helmet scares quarantine violators more than sticks. It helps especially against children who, having seen a helmet, immediately ask to go home as soon as possible.

In India, 21-day quarantine has been declared. It is especially hard for foreign tourists who cannot go home and whom many blame for the spread of the virus.

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