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A resident of Britain asked the name of the cat from the house opposite with a note on the window. And I got an answer – also through a note

Correspondence began between the neighbors, and Walter (the name of the cat across the road) got thousands of fans.

Leeds 25-year-old Shan Cosgrove found herself at home in self-isolation after a wave of coronavirus infections swept Britain. In order to maintain a little connection with the outside world, she often looked out the window and at some point noticed her friend – a black and white cat in the house opposite. She even came up with the nickname Eric – because of the “grandeur” of the animal.

Cosgrove, in a conversation with reporters, noted that during the year of her life in the area she had never talked with a neighbor from that apartment. But she thought, “What am I to lose?” and pasted a poster on the window: “What is the name of the black and white cat?”.

The girl did not count on an answer, but after a few hours an answer appeared in the window opposite: the cat’s name is Walter.

Cosgrove posted a tweet with correspondence, and he gained great popularity. The girl continued to share correspondence with subscribers: she told her neighbor about Walter’s fame and made him several compliments.

Walter is now a celebrity on Twitter – sorry

Twitter users reacted warmly to such an attempt to better recognize the neighbor’s cat. And his owner then pasted a poster with the cat’s nickname on Instagram – six thousand people signed up for the account in a day.

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