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Tom-skittle, Tom-iron and Tom-bottle: Japanese artist turns moments from “Tom and Jerry” into figures

The cat after another brutal scene now and then took unnatural forms. And this inspired the Japanese to a series of mini-sculptures.

Tom and Jerry is a series of short films with a very rich history dating back to 1940. The famous confrontation between cat and mouse is popular in social networks now, but mainly in the form of selections of funny moments and cruelty unusual for a children’s cartoon.

Over the decades that Tom and Jerry was on air, the characters exploded, got heavy objects on the head and pained each other in every way by other methods. Both Tom and Jerry even died several times. Excerpts from Tom and Jerry without context …The old cartoon about a cat and mouse, which many watched as a child, seems pretty with age …

Another feature of the cartoon is the scene where Tom takes the form of an object with the help of which he was inflicted another mutilation. If it’s an iron, then the cat’s head takes the form of an iron, if a door fell on it, it turns into a “pancake”, and in one episode it became bowling pins – of course, so that they would then be knocked down by a ball.

These passages inspired the Japanese artist Taku Inoue to create a series of figures based on similar moments from Tom and Jerry. Since the fall of 2018, he has made dozens of small sculptures that have become popular on social networks.

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