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The captain of the hockey team of Canada did not take off his helmet during the anthem of Russia. The Russians in response did not shake his hand after the defeat

At the youth World Cup, Russia beat Canada with a historic score of 6: 0, and even compatriots criticized the player. The hockey player eventually apologized.

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On December 28, a match of the youth hockey world championship between Russia and Canada took place in Czech Ostrava. The Russians won with a score of 6: 0, updating this defeat at once several records in the history of the confrontation of two principled rivals.

But the match was remembered not only by game moments, but also by scandal. Canadians captain Barrett Hayton was the only one who did not take off his helmet during the performance of the Russian anthem. The captain of the Russian team Grigory Denisenko drew attention to this.

In response, the Russian national team ignored Hayton’s outstretched hand. To other Canadian hockey players they shook hands. The video of the moment was distributed on social networks, including those that appeared in the Canadian edition of TSN. Local commentators condemned the actions of his player.

It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, you have to keep the level. Especially if you are the captain of our country

I would be pissed off if it were Russian. The guy must be smarter

Deprive his captain status! We lost, but we are better than this disrespect

There was no need for this nonsense. Take off your helmet and show a little respect. Everyone knows etiquette at the national anthem

After the game, the Canada Hockey Federation apologized to Russia and “all Canadians.” Later , Hayton himself apologized for his act .

I regret that I did not take off my helmet during the anthem and I apologize to the Russian team and its fans for this. As a team leader, I tried to rethink the game and understand what we need to change. I was lost at that moment.

The Russians showed a great game this evening, and my actions should not have been disrespectful. My mistake should not distract them from victory. I owe it to my team and all Canadians and I have to get better.

Barrett Hayton

youth team captain

In 2015, a similar scandal occurred during the “adult” World Hockey Championship. Then, some of the players in the Russian team, who lost Canada in the final, left the ice in the locker room for awards. At this time, the Canadian anthem was performed.

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