Residents of Australia demanded to cancel the New Year’s fireworks in Sydney and send money to fight forest fires

The authorities are in no hurry to cancel the famous performance, despite the state of affairs in the country and the petition, which was signed by 250 thousand people.

New Year Fireworks in Sydney Getty Photo

More than 265 thousand people signed a petition calling for the abolition of traditional New Year’s fireworks in Sydney, known throughout the world. The Australians asked them to save the money they spent on fighting the large flattering fires that swept the country and peaked in December.

On December 19, the state of South Wales and Sydney introduced a state of emergency: by December 29, there are about a hundred fires in the country, half of them are uncontrolled. Because of the fire in the country, nine people have already died, 800 houses have been destroyed, and temperature is breaking national records. The city of Balmoral, located southwest of Sydney, was “mostly destroyed” by fires.

Against this background, a petition appeared on in November demanding the cancellation of fireworks. As arguments, the amount to be spent on them was cited – about $ 4 million for launches. According to residents, in the country “there is enough fire and smoke”.

New Year’s fireworks in Sydney, 2018

Online petitions are considered an ineffective method of dialogue with the authorities, but the Sydney government responded to the call when a quarter of a million people signed it. Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the city ​​will not abolish New Year’s fireworks, which have become one of Sydney’s business cards over the years.

We cannot cancel the fireworks, and even if they could, it would not bring us practically any benefit. Fireworks were planned as early as 15 months ago, and most of the funds for them have already been spent.

Clover moore

lord mayor of sydney

It was joined by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who also said that fireworks should take place as planned.

On New Year’s Day, the whole world is looking at Sydney. Every year like that. They look at our mood, they look at our passion and think: “What an amazing place!” And they are right.

Therefore, in the midst of the problems that we encountered, taking into account security considerations, I can’t imagine a better time to show how optimistic we are as a country.

Scott Morrison

prime minister of Australia

The authorities opposed the holding of fireworks by Sydney Fire Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons. He warned that if the New Year’s tradition would somehow threaten people, they would not allow launches, despite the position of the government.

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