U.S. presidential candidates criticize Amazon but still spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it

The company is criticized for tax evasion, unfair working conditions and the creation of a monopoly in the market.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at the Los Angeles Democratic presidential debate Brandon Smayalski’s photo for Getty

US presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others began to actively criticize Amazon for tax evasion, unfair treatment of employees and more. But despite this, politicians constantly make purchases in the service, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was reported by Bloomberg, which studied the declaration of expenditures for the election campaign.

According to journalists, the eight main Democratic candidates and Trump spent a total of nearly $ 600,000 on Amazon in the first nine months of 2019 alone. In most cases, the headquarters of politicians ordered supplies for offices in the service. At the same time, Michael Bloomberg, the founder and largest owner of Bloomberg News, was not on the list, because he entered the race only in November 2019.

Warren recalled her stance on Amazon in December 2019. At a Democratic debate, she said that the candidates from both parties agree on one thing – everyone was “pissed off” that Amazon reported a profit of $ 10 billion and did not pay taxes.

What did the US presidential candidates say about Amazon and how much did they spend on it

  • Bernie Sanders, 233 thousand dollars – “I agree with courageous Amazon workers who were forced to stop working due to unfair working conditions”;
  • Elizabeth Warren, 151 thousand dollars – “Amazon destroys small companies by copying the products they sell on Amazon’s marketplace and selling their own branded version”;
  • Corey Brucker, 58 thousand dollars – “I will single out companies such as Halliburton and Amazon that do not pay taxes, we must change this”;
  • Donald Trump, 37 thousand dollars – “I’m right that being an “errand boy” Amazon cost a lot of money to the US Postal Service”;
  • Joe Biden, 33 thousand dollars – “No company should earn billions of dollars in profits and pay taxes at a lower rate than firefighters and teachers”.

In 2018, Amazon, IBM, Netflix, Activision Blizzard, and other large U.S. companies paid zero income tax. Despite the official rate of 21%, corporations managed to find loopholes in the laws that allowed them to receive benefits and not pay deductions.

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