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In the American city of Woso, they proposed to legalize the game of snowballs. The ban on it was valid for more than 50 years

For violation, people faced a fine of 114 dollars

Authorities in the US city of Woso in Wisconsin have proposed amendments to the Snowball Act. The administration wants to remove the term snowball from the definition of a law that has been in force for more than 50 years. About it writes The Guardian.

Since 1962, a law has been enacted in Woso that prescribes punishment for playing snowballs. Everyone who played snowballs risked a fine of 114 dollars. Because of this law, Wauso was called America’s worst city.

Now the authorities are proposing to exclude the word snowball from the bill, while retaining the wording on the prohibition of throwing shells at someone else’s property. The initiator was City Councilor Patrick Peckham. This will allow you to play snowballs without the threat of a fine, while not allowing violators to make ice balls with impunity to damage someone else’s property.

Authorities filmed a video in which they talked about the law. In it, police chief Matt Barnes explained that the law has been applied only 10 times in the past 15 years. These violations included fines for crossbow shooting and dropping sandbags in the city center. He also hit the head of the mayor with a snowball.

The amendment proposal was adopted by the city security committee. Next month, he will go to Woso City Council for consideration.

The snowball game is very popular in Wisconsin. In 2009, during the snowfall, almost 4 thousand students took part in a joint event, arranging the largest snowball game in history.

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