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Bill Gates again became a “secret Santa” for Reddit user – he sent 37 kilograms of gifts to a girl from Michigan

Microsoft co-founder took the matter seriously - he took into account the interests of the girl, her favorite films and books, and has not forgotten about the cat.

The game of “Secret Santa” is one of the most famous Christmas and New Year traditions. And the biggest “Secret Santa” of the Internet is RedditGifts, where Reddit users exchange gifts. Every Christmas, tens of thousands of people from around the world gather there, and sometimes celebrities like Shaquille O’Neill and Snoop Dogg become participants.

One of the most famous users of RedditGifts is Bill Gates: since 2013 Microsoft co-founder has become a “secret Santa” for one of the users. And each time the one he comes across is called the “main lucky Reddit.”

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In 2019, Gates got a user with the szor nickname, which hides 33-year-old Shelby from Michigan. The girl is one of the most experienced RedditGifts participants: the Christmas gift exchange has become her 95th on the platform (in addition to Secret Santa, exchanges are held there for other reasons). Therefore, having learned that a 37-kilogram parcel had been brought to her, she immediately realized that one of the celebrities might be the sender. And so it happened.

In total, Bill Gates sent 41 gifts to Shelby. Microsoft co-founder didn’t just choose random things, but took the matter seriously: he studied the girl’s profile, found out her favorite books, film and TV shows, noted that she had a cat. A resident of Michigan described in detail all the gifts received. Among them:

  • LEGO Designer with Harry Potter Hogwarts;
  • Christmas hat in the style of “Harry Potter”;
  • A few packs of Oreo cookies and Seattle mint chocolates;
  • Plaid in the style of the game The Legend of Zelda;
  • LEGO Designer from Star Wars;
  • A few books that Bill Geist liked in 2019;
  • Handwritten copy of The Great Gatsby;
  • A lot of souvenirs on the theme of “Twin Peaks”, including copies of scripts and a real branded jacket, in which members of the film crew went around during the second season of the show;
  • A few gifts for the cat.

A complete list of gifts can be found on the girl’s YouTube channel.

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