An American robbed a bank and scattered money down the street wishing “Merry Christmas”

And then he went to the coffee house and began to wait for the arrest.

Colorado Springs Police 

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, police arrested a 65-year-old man who robbed a bank and scattered money on the street with the words “Merry Christmas.” It is reported by KKTV.

According to an eyewitness, the man left the bank, began to “scatter money everywhere” and shouted “Merry Christmas.” People passing by collected banknotes and returned them to the bank teller. Then the burglar “slowly” went to the nearest Starbucks, where he ordered nothing and waited for the police to arrive. “He seemed to want to be arrested,” the eyewitness said.

Police arrested 65-year-old David Oliver. According to the police, during the arrest the man did not resist and was not armed, although during the robbery he claimed that he had weapons, notes The Denver Post. The exact amount stolen is not disclosed. At the same time, part of the money was returned, but “thousands of dollars” were still not found.

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