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A developer from the Netherlands has programmed a garland to play Snake on a Christmas tree

The code of the "New Year's Snake" the developer posted in the public domain along with a training video. Now in his plans is the same Tetris.

The Dutch developer Jordy Moos made the classic game “Snake”, which can be played directly on the Christmas tree: the garland with LEDs is responsible for the movement, and the luminous Christmas balls are for collecting. Musa’s project was rated on Twitter and on Reddit .

Judging by the records from various conferences, the Dutchman’s profession is associated with the development of games. Mus told Trusted Reviews that the whole Christmas Zveika took over 100 hours of work. For the project, he used several LED strips, an LED controller, a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, and a Raspberry Pi Camera modular camera.

At first, Mus simply set up the garland so that it could be controlled using a PS4 gamepad. At the request of subscribers, he went further and began to create a “Snake”.

By Christmas, the programmer had finished work on the game. The rules of the “Snake” have not changed – you need to collect randomly appearing “lights” on the tree, which is why the “snake” is increasing. If she hurts herself, the game ends.

According to the developer, his plans include a version of the “Snake” for two players, as well as other classic games like Tetris. Pong is harder to make because of the “unpredictable direction of the ball due to so many LEDs.” The author of the project posted a publicly available code and training material in order to make the “Snake” on his Christmas tree himself.

JordyMoos / led-gamesContribute to JordyMoos / led-games development by creating an account on GitHub. GITHUB.COM

Mus noted that he would have completed the project earlier, but cats that knocked over the camera and gnawed wires prevented it. For them, he made a special machine that travels around the room and shines with a laser so that animals play with it. The device is also controlled by a PS4 gamepad.

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