In the USA, all proceeds from the sale of Snowden’s autobiography were awarded to the state

He violated the rules for publishing a book.

Snowden’s autobiography counter “Permanent Recording” Photo by Jörg Karstensen for AFP, Getty 

Edward Snowden will not receive income from the sale of his book “Permanent Record” in the United States. Instead, earnings have been appropriated in favor of the state. This is stated in the decision of the federal judge of the county of Virginia.

Snowden’s book began to be sold in the United States in September 2019, but she immediately faced a lawsuit from the Department of Justice. Usually, special services study such works before publication to make sure that they do not have state secrets.

However, Snowden did not provide the book for the preliminary review process, so the authorities considered that he did not have the right to make money on a work or public speaking. Snowden’s lawyers argued in court that the book would not have received positive reviews in any case.

However, the decision of the case states that the authorities studied the book after publication and did not find any violations in it. At the same time, because of the refusal to submit the work before publication, the judge considered it impossible to make hypothetical decisions on the basis of the feedback received after the press.

Lawyer Max Kaufman, who worked in the Snowden case, said the team did not agree with the court’s decision, and the authorities would not have given honest feedback in advance. He noted that lawyers will explore further opportunities to challenge the decision.

In his Twitter account, Snowden expressed hope for increased book sales amid government restrictions. He urged to give the book after reading.

“The government can steal dollars, but cannot erase the idea that earned them. I wrote this book, Permanent Record, for you, and I hope that the ruthless madness of the government to prevent its publication will only inspire you to read it – and give it to others. ”
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