In California, authorities allowed the delivery of packages using unmanned vehicles

One of the companies was allowed to test cars without a driver.

California authorities have allowed the delivery of goods using drones. This was reported on the state Department of Transportation website. Companies will be able to obtain a license for their operation from mid-January 2020.

Companies will be able to use vehicles that weigh less than 4.5 tons (10 thousand pounds) for delivery. The document states that the authorities will issue two types of licenses – for testing with and without a driver. For commercial use (charging fees for delivery) will have to submit an additional application.

All vehicles will undergo mandatory certification for safety and compliance with other requirements of the authorities. When testing with a driver, the company will also be required to provide documents on its qualifications. According to authorities, 65 companies received licenses for testing drones with a driver, and another without a driver.

Unmanned vehicles are already used in delivery in several other states. For example, in Houston, Texas, Nuro delivers pizza with them. The company has developed for this a special car without a cab for the driver and passengers.

In Russia, Yandex is developing unmanned vehicles. In mid-October, traffic police stopped a company’s drone in Tatarstan. At the time of the stop, the test engineer was in the car.

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