Weibo merged photos of the alleged Galaxy Fold 2 – now it’s a “clamshell” with a flexible screen

If the leaks are true, then the second version of the Samsung smartphone is reminiscent of the new Motorola Razr.

In the Chinese Weibo social network , photos of a clamshell smartphone with a flexible screen and an Android shell similar to One UI – the OS of Samsung devices, have appeared. According to the blogger Ice universe, specializing in smartphone leaks, in the pictures – the next version of the Galaxy Fold model.

If you believe the plums, then the phone, which originally developed in the format of the “book”, will be more like a classic “clamshell”. This design resembles the Motorola Razr, introduced in November.

It is still unknown whether this is exactly the new smartphone from Samsung – it could be a concept, prototype or fake. But the form factor coincides with how the Korean company itself demonstrated the future of the Fold line. According to Bloomberg, Samsung plans to show the Galaxy Fold 2 in February 2020 during the presentation of the S11 model.

The first version of the Galaxy Fold went on sale in September 2019 at a price of two thousand dollars (in Russia – from 159 990 rubles). The second model, Korean media write , will be more accessible than its predecessor – about $ 850.

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