In the list of trading partners, the United States found the fictional country of Wakanda from Marvel comics

It turned out that the Ministry of Agriculture simply added this country for testing.


The fictional country of Wakanda from the Marvel comics has appeared in the list of US trading partners. She was on the list of the Ministry of Agriculture. Screenshot posted by Researcher Francis Zeng.

A picture of Francis Tseng

Tseng published images of goods according to which countries cooperated in the food industry. The United States allegedly imported potatoes, frozen Chinese water chestnuts, livestock, and more from Wakanda. Some users began to joke about the appearance of a fictional country on the list.

Does this mean that the United States recognized the existence of Wakanda?

Have you been looking for Latvia and Simakria? Do not forget about Sokovia

In a conversation with NBC News, the ministry confirmed that it added Wakanda to the list of trading partners as part of testing the product tracking system, but the agency forgot to remove it. At the time of writing, the country is not in the organization’s database.

Wakanda is a fictional African state from Marvel comics. They are ruled by the Black Panther, whose image in the last films was embodied by Chadwick Bowzman.

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