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Twitter users asked to post their tweets on billboards. The company fulfilled their desire

And also baked desserts with publications.

“How do I get my tweet to hit the billboard?” @Twitter

University student Entente Kenny Jones said in his twitter that his publication with the question of how to get a tweet on the billboard placed on a billboard.

Jones tweeted in August 2019 when he celebrated his 10th anniversary on social media. The user found out about the billboard after Twitter representatives wrote him in private messages and sent a snapshot. He promised to go and see the billboard in person.
Twitter posted my tweet to a billboard in Buckhead (Atlanta area) from all possible places! 
I can not wait until I go and look at it myself! 
I’ll literally pay now. 
This made my ten year Twitter experience a lot more meaningful.

A Twitter employee noted in replies that the tweet hit not only billboards, but also cupcakes.

You are also on our cupcakes! You are welcome!

Wait, is that true? Lol

Soon, other users began to report that their tweets were also on billboards.

Not a bad way to end a decade / “It would be cool if Twitter turned this tweet into a billboard or something like that”

Today is the best day! 
/ “I just want my tweet to be on the billboard”

Twitter really put me on a billboard, bro, lol, see what the posting can bring to / “Wow, I want my tweets to be on billboards too”

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