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PewDiePie has announced that it will take a break from YouTube in early 2020. And I was surprised how the media filed it.

In the headlines, the break turned into almost the final departure from the platform, caused by huge fatigue.

Swede Felix Chelberg, aka PewDiePie, is the most popular YouTube blogger in the world and the first blogger to break the bar of 100 million subscribers (he was overtaken only by the Indian company T-Series, but their channel is not a personal blog). To maintain popularity, he writes new videos almost every day. But on December 14, Chelberg announced that he was leaving YouTube.

In fact, everything is not so scary – PewDiePie warned subscribers that onsome time will take a break on youtube at early 2020. The blogger promised to tell the reasons later, but noted that he was “very tired”. This is not the first time Chelberg takes a break from the career of a video blogger, but such breaks usually do not last long.

In 2016, PewDiePie already announced a temporary withdrawal from YouTube due to fatigue. He returned a week later.

But the topic was picked up by the media, many of which do not specialize in Internet news. So for a day Pewdiepie warning in the titles of publications turned into almost an announcement of the completion of a video blogger career.

PewDiePie Took YouTube Break From BBC ‘Great Fatigue’

Scandalous YouTube blogger PewDiePie to take a break on the platform, says CNN is “very tired”

World’s Largest YouTube Blogger PewDiePie GOES OUT, Saying “Very Tired” The Sun

PewDiePie leaves YouTube, says he’s too tired to continue Daily Mirror

YouTube megastar PewDiePie LEAVES the site after earning £ 25 million because he is “too tired” and “no longer wants to think about vlogging” Daily Mail

Most of all, these headlines surprised PewDiePie himself.

Me: “I take a break for a while.” 

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