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Instagram began to warn about fake content. The rule does not apply to politicians

The social network also began to notify users that their signature to the publication may be offensive or mocking.

Instagram began to warn about fake content of users around the world. The rule applies to publications, stories, profile and private messages. This was reported in the company’s blog.

Third-party companies will check the content. To search for copies of fake publications, the social network uses publication matching technology. In addition, if the content was recognized as fake on Facebook, then similar publications will automatically receive such a mark on Instagram, and vice versa.

According to Techcrunch, the publications and advertising campaigns of politicians on Instagram do not fall under this rule. Their content will not be checked by the social network. Journalists called this exception “consistent with Facebook’s policy.” They recalled that the company allows politicians to raise money and “smear rivals” using fakes.

Instagram also began to warn users that their signature to the publication may be offensive or mocking. A warning will appear before publication, but you can ignore it.

The system works with the help of a neural network, which compares the signature with texts that were previously complained of because of insults. The function was launched in some countries, but promised to be distributed worldwide in the coming months.

The fact that Facebook and Instagram will begin to label and hide fake publications became known at the end of October.

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