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Greta Tunberg posted a photo on the floor of the “crowded train.” The railway company recalled that she was driving first class

The truth was somewhere in the middle - the 16-year-old activist had a place in the first-class carriage, but she managed to sit on the floor not only for photos.

On December 15, 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg posted a tweet about her return from Madrid to Stockholm on “crowded trains.” The girl travels by train, because she abandoned the aircraft for environmental reasons. Tunberg attached a photo from a trip to Germany, where she sits with things on the floor of the car.

From the picture it was possible to decide that because of too many passengers Greta did not get a seat, and she spent the whole trip on the floor. Because of this, commentators began to write Tunberg words of support, and some Germans even apologized for the work of the local railway concern Deutsche Bahn.

A few hours later, Deutsche Bahn reacted to the activist post by tweeting her. Representatives of the railway company thanked the girl for the fight against climate change and the choice of the “ecological train”, but added: “It would be even better if you also told how competent and friendly the team that served you in the first-class carriage was.”

Deutsche Bahn told the media that Greta Tunberg traveled first class on the Kassel-Hamburg route, and her team members took places in first class in Frankfurt. The company did not specify whether it was the entire route of the 16-year-old activist on Deutsche Bahn trains or only part.

After the answer, the railway company in social networks began to criticize Tunberg, calling the photo on the floor the trip “PR-trick”.

That is, Greta lied that she was sitting on the floor of a crowded train. She had a place in first grade.

Greta Thunberg confused people with a tweet and a photo about a “crowded” German train, showing that she was sitting on the floor. 
Deutsche Bahn replied that she and her team were in first grade

Thunberg later answered Deutsche Bahn: according to her, she really sat in the first class, but got a place only in the German city of Gottingen. And before that, the activist was sitting on the floor in two different trains. The girl emphasized that overcrowding of trains was never a problem for her – on the contrary, she was glad that people increasingly choose this type of transport.

Our train from Basel was canceled. Therefore, we sat on the floor in two different trains. After Göttingen, I got a place. Of course, this is not a problem, and I have never argued otherwise. Overcrowded trains are a great sign because it means a high demand for train travel!

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