Google first revealed the scope of panoramic views in Street View – captured 16 million kilometers

On average, more than a million kilometers of panoramas are added per year.

Google for the first time revealed that Street View contains 16 million kilometers of panoramic views. For their shooting, the company’s contractors for 12 years traveled a distance equal to 400 full circles around the Earth.

The company also shared for the first time data on Google Earth: satellite images captured 98% of the places inhabited by people on the planet. At the same time, 93 million square kilometers of the Earth are captured in the service. Google noted that Maps is one of the company’s most popular services – a billion people use it every month.

The Street View project was proposed in 2004 by Google co-founder Larry Page, who left the company’s parent holding in December 2019. He wanted to create a 360-degree map of the world, which would allow walking along the streets and highways, as well as alleys, mountains and attractions.

How the number of StreetView panoramas in the world grew Google image

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