YouTube will remove videos with hidden threats and insults

Prohibition includes insults based on race or sexual orientation.

YouTube has updated the rules for publishing videos, promising to remove videos that contain not only direct, but also hidden threats or insults. This was reported in the blog of the service.

Under the new ban, videos that imitate violence against a person or suggesting that physical violence may occur are included in the new ban. “No person should be subjected to harassment that involves violence,” the service said.

The social network will also begin to remove videos that deliberately offend anyone based on race, gender or sexual orientation. “This applies to everyone, from individuals to the YouTube administration and government officials,” the publication said.

YouTube warned that it will fight against channels that regularly publish videos that violate the new policy. At first, the creators of the video may lose monetization, and the social network will remove the prohibited content from such channels. In the future, the channel may be blocked.

The new policy will apply to comments as well. The service also launched an option that allows the owner of the channel to view comments that the social network considered inappropriate, but did not delete, and hid until the decision of the author of the video: leave a comment or delete.

YouTube clarified that satirical or other videos intended for educational, scientific or artistic purposes do not fall under the ban. “This is taken into account, but it does not give carte blanche to insults,” the social networks said.

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