VKontakte chose the best tracks of 2019 – many songs are popular in TikTok flash mobs

Billy Eilish and Lil Nas X lost in the top to Russian-speaking artists - Tim Belorussky, Arthur Pirozhkov and RSAC.

The music services VKontakte and Boom identified the most listened tracks and albums of 2019. The company announced this in its blog.

Many of the best songs according to VKontakte became popular in TikTok – “ Sad Dance ”, “ War Girl ”, “ Hooked ”, “ See you on the dance floor ” and “ Queen of the dance floor ”. The list included only two English-speaking musicians – Lil Nas X and Billy Eilish, their tracks were also big hits on the social network with short videos.

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Tim Belorussky was named the most popular artist with a billion auditions; his album “Your First Disc – My Cassette” was most often listened to. The most listened song was “Sad Dance” by Artik & Asti. Most often, users shared tracks of Jah Khalib.

The best albums, in addition to Tima Belorussky, on VKontakte were named the releases of Jony, GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $ and Big Baby Tape. Of the English-speaking artists, only Billy Ailish got into the top albums.

Yandex.Music also identified Tim Belorussky as executor of the year. Apple announced the musical results , calling Billy Eilish the artist of the year, and Lizzo as a breakthrough of the year.

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