Time magazine named 16-year-old Greta Tunberg the man of the year. This is the youngest laureate in history.

“For bringing a voice that transcends borders to a fragmented world.”

The 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, considered a symbol of the fight against climate change, became the person of 2019 according to the American magazine Time. This was reported by the publication itself. Greta became the youngest laureate in the history of the magazine.

The editors of Time in a separate article explained why it was Tunberg who chose “person of the year”. Journalists noted that the activist’s story began with a “teenage explosive riot” and a solo action by the Swedish parliament, but grew into “managing the global youth movement .” Greta started with the protests at school and got to a meeting with the UN Secretary General and the presidential audience with the Pope.

Because she sounded the alarm about the person’s relationship with the only house he has. For bringing a voice to a fragmented world that transcends borders and borders. For showing us what the new generation is capable of.

For all this, Greta Tunberg is the person of the year according to Time.
Time Edition

Profile: Greta Tunberg – 16-year-old eco-activist with great ambitions in the fight against climate change, who received …

Tunberg went around including US President Donald Trump, PRC President Xi Jinping, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and protesters in Hong Kong – all of them got on the short list of the award.

In the past two years, Time has chosen the collective “man of the year.” In 2017, the award was received by “silencers” – those who opposed harassment and sexual harassment, in 2018 – “guards”, that is, journalists persecuted for their views and materials. In 2016, Trump won the election as “person of the year”.

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