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The Verge has put iPhone 4 in the first place of the top 100 gadgets of the decade. At the end of the list – Google Glass

The publication gave Apple products immediately four lines in the top ten.

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The Verge has compiled a list of 100 gadgets that, according to the editors, determined the 2010s. The first place was taken by iPhone 4 – a smartphone that Apple released in 2010. The leader of the list is the only position on which journalists did not argue among themselves.

According to the editor-in-chief of Nilai Patel, iPhone 4 has become “the most beautiful smartphone ever created” and still remains the “basic template” for modern smartphones.

iPhone 4 was the first phone made in the form of a “sandwich” of glass panels and a metal frame. This is a design legacy that can still be seen on flagship smartphones.

iPhone 4 was the first to receive a Retina display and a selfie camera. And the rear five-megapixel camera set the quality standard, which was chased for years.

The operating system made it possible to run background applications and was first named “iOS”. The first A4 microprocessor developed by Apple marked the beginning of the company’s ten-year dominance in this field.

Nilai Patel

editor in chief of The Verge

The Verge, among other things, recalled that the iPhone 4 was faced with an “ antenna ” – a scandal due to the poor location of the antenna, which led to poor wireless performance. However, the publication emphasized that Apple managed to create a “new template for crisis management” after Steve Jobs called a press conference and showed that other smartphones are suffering from similar problems.

Journalists remembered the iPhone 4 prototype left in the bar – the Gizmodo edition “bought” it for five thousand dollars and published the material. Then Gizmodo faced criminal liability, but the publication escaped it . As The Verge notes, despite the unprecedented situation, “now everything is leaking anyway.”

Top 10 according to The Verge:

1. iPhone 4 (2010)

2. The “smart” column Amazon Echo (2014)

3. Macbook Air (2013)

4. Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)

5. Tesla Model S (2012)

6. AirPods (2016)

7. Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (2014)

9. PlayStation 4 (2013)

10. Google Pixel 2 (2017)

The Verge approached the rating in part frivolously. On the 12th line was a television remote control with a “Netflix” button, according to the editors, which gave an explosive increase in the service audience in the United States. On the 20th place is the Juul brand of electronic cigarettes , on the 24th – pop – sockets , on the 26th – the almost damaged Lightning cable (a problem that many Apple customers have encountered). Juicero’s “fraudulent” squeeze was fixed at 98th place , and Google Glass smart glasses at the hundredth place.

In the top there were several consoles at once: in addition to the PlayStation 4 (9th line), the editors noted Nintendo Switch (15th place) and Xbox One (61th place). As for some other smartphones, Google Pixel took the 50th place, OnePlus One – 62nd, and the “exploding” Galaxy Note 7 became 65th.

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