The Galaxy Note 10+ first shot a cartoon. The smartphone was used for the entire process – from painting to installation

For "The Power of Your Dreams," they used a technique invented by Walt Disney.

Samsung has released the first cartoon created on the Galaxy Note 10+. The smartphone was used instead of a computer, camera, graphics tablet, video editor and a full-fledged animation studio. talked about this at Samsung.

According to the plot of the cartoon, an architect working on an innovative project accidentally spoils paper drawings. After that, he switches to Galaxy Note 10+ to work and successfully completes the project.

As noted in the company, to create a cartoon used the multi-faceted camera technique invented by Walt Disney for the effect of depth. The method is to shoot characters in the “scenery”, drawn on layers of celluloid film and glass, which are placed at different levels.

To use the technique, the authors had to fix the Note 10+ at one point so that it would not move or twitch. The animators used the remote control function through the S Pen, which allowed you to take pictures and switch modes remotely.

The animation for Samsung was made by Feels. Creative director of the company, Seba Collazo, explained that the authors used many functions of the smartphone to bring history to life.

For example, all the sketches, characters, and backgrounds were first drawn using Note10 + and S Pen, and then frame-by-frame animation was created using DeX mode. One of the animators added that the smartphone is much like a graphics tablet, but more compact, so you could work with it “anywhere”.

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