Art: “Material evidence”

Allegorical statement on the subject of "Moscow affairs".

The author of ” Sovereign Runet ” and a regular participant in the art group “MXD” Lev Pereulkov presented a series of artworks that were dedicated both to preparations for the New Year and detentions in the “Moscow case”.

Sentences and testimonies in the Moscow Case seem like a joke or fiction. Take even the “characteristic sound of the fall of a plastic bottle,” about which one of the policemen spoke, or the frog figurine as material evidence. The authorities are able to open a criminal case for each person and still find evidence, because any items are suitable for this.

It is not so important who you are: a former Rosgvardeets, a pacifist or a supporter of non-violence. There is always an article. And this is scary, because when criminal cases are stamped for intimidation, then everyone is in danger.

Leo Pereulkov

author of art

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