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A visitor to the gallery ate a banana sold at an art fair for 120 thousand dollars

He called his act “the performance of a hungry artist.”

At the Art Basel art fair in Miami, artist and collector David Datuna destroyed one of the installations: he ate a banana attached by adhesive tape to the wall by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. Previously, this installation was purchased by a French collector, who paid for it 120 thousand dollars (about 7.6 million rubles).

Datong took a banana from the wall and bit off a piece in front of visitors to the fair. He was taken under guard and taken to a separate room where the artist was interrogated by police. He was later released, but the police did not rule out charges.

In his Instagram, Datuna explained that he did not want to offend the author with his deed: “I love the works of Maurizio Cattelan, and I really like this installation. This is delicious”.

The eaten banana was replaced with a new one, and the gallery representative assured that the work of art was preserved, since “banana is an idea.”

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