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“The expectations were low, but your mother”: on social networks YouTube Rewind 2019 met with dislikes, memes and disappointment

According to the results of the year, the video was called “boring” and “mediocre” - some felt that it was even worse than last year’s zipped video.

On December 4, YouTube released a traditional video for the end of the year Rewind 2019. In social networks, the video was called “boring” and “lazy,” they put dislikes on it, left negative comments and ridiculed the company’s attempt to avoid last year’s failure through memes.

After Rewind 2018 set a record for dislikes, in 2019 YouTube changed the concept and simply listed the videos that collected the most likes around the world. However, the company did not receive a positive reaction. By the time this article was written, the video had 2.5 million dislikes and 1.1 million likes, and most of the comments under the video were ironic.

YouTube is like a teacher who tries to seem cool, but he doesn’t succeed at all.

Two million dislikes in just two hours, it never happened / It was not Rewind, but a repost

Some users of social networks were disappointed in the video, since YouTube did not invite any content creators, but made selections – the production level was lower compared to previous years.

In 2018, we made a video that you did not like … Therefore, in 2019 … We made such a boring video that you can’t even form an opinion about it, which means you won’t be able to hate it!

You can’t even get angry on YouTube. 
It’s impressive that they were able to make the video even worse than last year’s Rewind


Memes appeared on Reddit , which mocked the service’s attempt to rehabilitate itself after the failure of 2018. Someone even liked Rewind, but users felt that anyway the video needed to be disliked – for the sake of solidarity with the others.

People on the Internet: / YouTube:

YouTube: trying to add everything that people like to Rewind / Everything: * they still put dislikes * / YouTube: “Oh, that’s what I got for overtime work”

YouTube Rewind: Coming Out / All: “Our expectations were low, but your mother”

YouTube Rewind 2018: “Wow, terrible” / YouTube Rewind 2019: “Wow, mediocre”

YouTube: “You think it’s ridiculous” / The whole Internet that dislikes a video just to send you a fuck

Respect to the team that made Rewind 2019: free intern Joaquin. 
Nobody else

Before publishing the video, YouTube warned that likes and dislikes to Rewind will not be disabled. This also became a reason for jokes.

“Both likes and dislikes will be included … Meet me tomorrow” / “We are at the final stage”

“Brave, but stupid”

“The Council has long decided your fate”

“So you chose … Death”

Many users were outraged by the fact that Rewind 2019 looked like a regular top 10 selection and showed content already existing on YouTube. Some have compared videos to Watch Mojo videos that shoot a variety of tops.

Wow … YouTube Rewind 2019 is simply an improved version of the 10 best animes

I watch Rewind thinking I clicked on a video from the top 10

Blogger Jake Paul: “Rewind was terrible. 
Just the top 10 videos on steroids, but we did not learn anything new about them, if we had not seen it before. 
Is this just a terrible music video? 
/ Idea: YouTube should meet with content authors every year to help them remove Rewind … “

Rewind was just a top 10 video with statistics? … Good.

“The Corporation wants you to find the differences between the two pictures.” / “This is the same picture.”

 We: “What the hell is this?” 

None: / YouTube Rewind 2019: “Top 10 Best Top 10 Lists”

This year’s YouTube Rewind is: 

Excuse me, are you WatchMojo? 
/ We are YouTube Rewind 2019 and … / Yeah, these are they

In response to criticism, YouTube reposted ten posts with the best, in their opinion, comments about Rewind. Everything can be read in the thread .

We know that you love the top 10. 
Here are our favorite comments for Rewind 2019

I: expect something normal / YouTube: “Here is a presentation in PowerPoint for our project on the results of 2019, enjoy!”

How should we make memes out of this?

The memes also defeated the ban on the use of other people’s content in their videos. According to users, the platform violated its own rules by making cuts from other videos.

YouTube: “You can’t use someone else’s content in your video” / Also YouTube: “Okay, we took each video and made one video out of it” / Authors who received strikes for copyright infringement: “Am I for you, a joke?”

Dislike Rewind 2019 / All authors file a copyright complaint for stolen content
When you realize that YouTube has violated its own rules by stealing content from other YouTube

Some users still liked the variety of content creators in the video – both novice authors and representatives of different nationalities.

Blogger Casey Neistat: “I liked Rewind 2019. Not as sensational or expensive as in previous years, but I appreciated: not only old faces were shown (except for my old face); 
noted new authors; 
focused on likes and channel growth; 
showed PewDiePie »
Blogger Lauren Riihimaki: “I thought Rewind was super cute. 
People would still not like it, no matter what they did. 
Obviously, there was no wow factor of past years, but I liked the inclusion of novice authors from all countries ”

Made its own version of Rewind 2019. I think it is much better. 
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