The American spoke about the disclosure of betrayal using Fitbit. Tracker recorded a night surge in physical activity

The guy did not remove the fitness bracelet, so the girl saw everything in the application. They doubt in social networks: what if he really went in for sports at 4 in the morning.

Jane slater

Reporter NFL Network (TV network of the National Football League) Jane Slater (Jane Slater) shared in Twitter history as a betrayal of her boyfriend opened with the help of a fitness bracelet Fitbit. Tweet journalist gained popularity and it drew attention to the publication The Daily Dot.

Slater said that the guy (whose name she did not specify) gave her a tracker for Christmas. By that time, he already had one Fitbit, so the pair synchronized devices to monitor each other’s physical activity through the application on the smartphone. The girl emphasized that they did this for motivation during training, and not for control.

Before his birthday, the guy disappeared and did not answer calls and messages. Slater did not know anything about what was happening to him until at 4 a.m. the application showed a “sharp increase in physical activity” of the journalist’s boyfriend. “Spoiler: It wasn’t recorded at 4 am in [the gym] OrangeTheory,” she added.

According to Fitbit, you can really understand that a person has sex. And in 2015, a user of Reddit performed an experiment having sex with a bracelet on her arm, and then shared her statistics: she compared the peak values ​​of the heartbeat with a change in posture and an orgasm.

Users appreciated the unusual story of the disclosure of treason through a fitness tracker.

Every girl who read this thought about giving Fitbit to a guy

Faced similar, but found out without the help of Fitbit. My ex’s activity would increase by about 90 seconds, so for the application it would go almost unnoticed

Beginner’s mistake. ALWAYS REMOVE FITBIT when playing Wii U at home with a buddy

Just bought myself and a Fitbit guy for Christmas …

But some users have doubts, since the sharp jump in activity in the Fitbit application is not yet an iron proof of betrayal. In the original story, Slater did not specify how she confirmed her suspicions. Therefore, the famous sports journalist Matthew Berry specified how events developed.

The journalist replied that after the incident with the fitness bracelet she confirmed the hunch about the betrayal with the help of “cross-examination”.

I’m sorry this happened to you, but this is an amazing story. I have a lot of questions. What happened when you met him? Did he confess or was trying to justify himself? Did you tell him that you understood everything on Fitbit, or simply reported suspicions to look at his reaction?

Looks like you hurried to conclusions, Jane. Or maybe he is a former school football star who gets up every morning at 4 in the morning for a run

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a graph of how it was: Fitbit, 4:00 – normal heart rate, Fitbit, 4:01 – elevated heart rate, extreme wrist activity. Fitbit, 4:03 – normal level

PS Slater has another story of treason.

Once I had a guy who got drunk and brought home another girl, forgetting that I stayed with him for the night. We were going to church the next morning, and I decided to spend the night there. I should write a book

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