In Japan, opened a cafe with robot employees

Before that, the hotel was launched in the same format, but half of the robots were fired from there.

Cafe Pepper Parlor Photo Softbank 

SoftBank opened Pepper Parlor Cafe in Japan, where robotic staff serves people along with regular staff. Cars accept orders and communicate with visitors. This is stated on the cafe website.

Three types of Softbank robots work at Pepper Parlor: the humanoid Pepper, the Nao robot dancer, and the Whiz robot cleaner. The company explained that with the help of the cafe they want to learn more about the interaction of people with robots in order to improve the technology.

Apparently, people at SoftBank will be responsible for the most difficult thing – cooking. The reason for this was Pepper’s limited capabilities: robots are not able to cope with complex tasks.

Prior to this, devices were already housed in hospitals , airports, and museums , but they performed entertainment functions everywhere. In 2015, a hotel with other robots was launched in Japan , but a few years later, half of them were fired because they could not cope with the tasks.

In 2018, Pepper robots were placed in a grocery store in Scotland. However, after a week, the owners decided to get rid of it because of too limited opportunities.

As noted by Digital Trends, in Japan for many years there is a problem of an aging population. Because of this, in many industries there are not enough low-skilled specialists. And since the country’s government does not want to compensate for the process of mass migration, local companies are developing robots to carry out this work.

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