Forbes has published a list of the highest paid musicians in the world. He was led by Taylor Swift

For 2019, she earned $ 185 million.


American singer Taylor Swift became the highest paid musician according to Forbes, earning $ 185 million in 2019. In second place was Kanye West with $ 150 million, in third – Briton Ed Sheeran with $ 110 million.

The five highest-paid musicians also included the American rock band The Eagles ($ 100 million) and British musician Elton John ($ 84 million).

In total, the ten highest paid musicians in the world earned a little more than $ 1 billion, last year this figure was 886 million.

Beginners also appeared on the Forbes list: for example, in 2019, K-Pop group BTS (57 million), American singer Ariana Grande (48 million) and hip-hop trio Migos (36 million) first hit it.

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