Cameras were found in the toilets of the Moscow metro. The media write that the operator inspects the booths this way after the visitor leaves

The subway explained that the camera only appears when no one is in the booth. And the video allegedly is a broken system.

Video from the Telegram channel “We Drive in Moscow”

A video camera was found in the toilet at the Tsvetnoy Boulevard metro station. This was told by the Telegram channel “We are driving through Moscow” with reference to an eyewitness video.

Later, the metro explained “We’re driving around Moscow” that the toilet complex at this station is in test mode and the camera is not connected yet. Such cameras are in all toilets of the subway and they appear only after the visitor leaves. So the operator checks, “that nothing is left in the cabin and the toilet module is suitable for further visits.”

This is a safety feature. After the visitor leaves the booth, the camera leaves and the operator checks that there are no foreign objects in the booth. If they stayed – a signal about this will immediately arrive at the station, the booth will be checked.

Moscow subway

In January 2017, Moslenta wrote that the toilets of the Moscow subway would be equipped with cameras. Then it was reported that the cameras would turn on only in case of an emergency.

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