Amazon for the first time bought the Russian series for the Prime Originals lineup – “Keepers” from the Start service

The company received the rights to an exclusive show of the series all over the world with the exception of Russia.

Amazon Prime Video has acquired exclusive rights to display the Russian television series “The Container”, published in the “Start” service. The show was the first domestic project that entered the line of Prime Originals. This was announced on Facebook by the creative producer of the production company Yellow, Black & White, Irina Sosnovaya.

Friends, this is so cool! This means that world trends and Russia’s reputation in the film and TV series are gradually changing. Our projects are seriously interested in global players. Previously, they bought Russian series for a variety of catalogs, but now they appear in the Originals section as events.

from the record on the page of Irina Pine

As Sosnovaya reminded, before that a similar deal was made with another Start project – the series “Better Than People”. Netflix acquired the Russian adaptation of the British “People” for display around the world in the Netflix Original line.

Apparently, the “Container” will be released to a Western audience called “Gold Diggers”. In English, this is the name of people who sympathize with others only because of money or values. Pine did not disclose the release date of the series on Amazon.

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