Uber received from residents of the US for more than six thousand complaints of sexual harassment for the 2017-2018 year

464 cases of rape were recorded.

Taxi call service Uber has published its first report on the safety of trips to the United States for 2017-2018. The company received nearly six thousand complaints of sexual violence. About it writes The New York Times.

In two years, Uber made 2.3 billion trips. The company claims that 99.9% of trips were safe. However, the company representative noted the importance of publishing safety information.

During this period, 5981 complaints of sexual harassment were received by the service. About half of them are from taxi drivers. Most complaints are related to unwanted touching – kisses or touching various parts of the body. Of this number, 464 cases of rape were recorded. The most common rape victims were passengers (92%).

Also recorded 107 deaths associated with trips to Uber. Most of them happened in urban areas (90%). Almost a third (30%) were accidents involving pedestrians.

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