Spanish doctors saved the British after a six-hour heart failure. She froze in the mountains

Subcooling saved her body and brain from critical damage.

Audrey Shoeman with her husband Source 
Daily Mail

Spanish doctors managed to save the life of Briton Audrey Shoeman after a six-hour heart failure. This writes the BBC. They managed to do this thanks to the fact that she froze in the mountains.

Choemann had health problems while walking with his husband along one of the ridges of the Spanish Pyrenees. The 34-year-old woman had speech problems and was unable to move. Soon she passed out. The husband called emergency services, but during the wait, her condition worsened. She had no pulse or other signs of life.

When the rescue team arrived at the site, the temperature of the British woman dropped to 18 degrees. Upon arriving at the Val d’Ebron hospital in Barcelona, ​​she still had no signs of life. Despite this, doctors continued efforts to rescue her. After about six hours, when her body temperature reached 30 degrees, doctors launched her heart with a defibrillator.

Dr. Eduard Argudo stated that he was aware of the difficult situation and knew that the low temperatures in the mountains could save the life of Choiemann. It is because of this that she survived. Argudo explained that hypothermia protected her body and brain from damage. If her heart stopped at normal temperature, then she would die.

Sheoeman was discharged from the hospital 12 days after hospitalization. Due to hypothermia, she had some problems with mobility and sensitivity of the hands. Despite the incident, the British plans to resume her campaigns this spring.

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