Pantone Institute called 2020 the color “classic blue”

It reflects the calm, confidence and reliable foundation with which people will enter the "new era".

Color # 0f4c81 Classic Blue Image Pantone

Pantone Research Institute announces the color 2020 as “classic blue.” As explained in Pantone, “classic blue” increases concentration and gives crystal clarity, allowing you to reorient thoughts.

As Pantone CEO Leatrice Eiseman noted, people need to enter the new decade with a sense of stability. According to her, calm and trust are equally important.

We live in a time when trust and honesty are required. It is with such constancy and confidence that the “classic” blue is inspired – a solid and reliable shade of blue that we can always rely on.

Litris Eisman

CEO Pantone

Pantone noted that one of the reasons for choosing the color was “technology that we cannot keep up with.” According to the institute, that’s why people are beginning to gravitate to “honest” colors that promise protection against overload. Experts believe that the non-aggressive and easily distinguishable “classic blue” provides an easy interaction.

Pantone has been studying and predicting colors in design for over 20 years. To determine the color of next year, the company conducts trend analysis and studies changes in all areas of design, including the entertainment industry and fashion.

In 2018, the company called the color of next year “Living Coral” – a pastel shade of red. Then the institute noted that color symbolizes intimacy and communication between people in the digital age

Pantone colors of the year over the past 5 years

Color of 2019 – Live Coral

2018 Color – Ultraviolet

Color of 2017 – “Greens”

Colors of 2016 – Rose Quartz and Calm

Color of 2015 – “Marsala” – natural red wine

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