Anti-Greta: 16-year-old Swedish activist opposing propaganda of LGBT people and migrants became a heroine in RuNet

As in Russia they opposed the girl Grete Thunberg and what does the European right-wing media have to do with it.

Isabella Nilsson Järvandi Twitter photo of the girl

Since early December, you can find a lot of posts on Runet about the 16-year-old Swedish activist Isabella Nilsson Jarvandi (Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi), which is opposed to another teenager from Sweden Grete Thunberg , one of the main activists of 2019. A typical post about Isabella looks something like this.

The whole world speaks of Greta Tunberg. But why doesn’t anyone talk about another girl from Sweden named Isabella Nilsson Järvandi? She, by the way, is also 16 years old. She opposes globalism, the promotion of LGBT in schools, the protection of traditional family values ​​and the fight against illegal migrants. Perhaps I will choose this hero.

At one point, Järvandi became a heroine in Russia for those who hold similar views, and all this was superimposed on the ambiguous attitude towards Tunberg in social networks. She writes support words in Russian and already makes memes. TJ figured out how this happened, whether the girl in the homeland is known and who began to compare the two activists.

Defender of “traditional values”

If you put together everything that is told about Yarvandi in RuNet and supplement it with information from foreign media and blogs, you get something like this. Isabella Nilsson Järvandi was born in November 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden, her mother is from Sweden, and her father is from Iran. The girl grew up in a “ghetto”, where “she saw with her own eyes what the uncontrolled migration leads to”, and at school she was faced with conflicts on ethnic grounds.

Then Isabella formed views, as well as a civic position. She gained fame in December 2018, speaking at Munttorget Square in Gothenburg during the “Yellow Vests” campaign. The girl strongly opposed the signing of the Global Compact on Migration and noted that migrants in Sweden are united in “gangs of rapists” – and many would be worth deporting from the country.

Isabella Nilsson Järvandi at the action of the “yellow vests” Photo GP

Then Järvandi visited several other similar meetings and political YouTube shows, where she clarified her position on other issues. In RuNet, the activist is described as a fighter for “traditional values”: she opposes the promotion of LGBT people and the instilling of “gender ideologies” in schools.

In reality, the girl adheres more precisely to the position against migrants, but argues on Twitter about the negative impact of radical feminism and that there are only two genders. One of her deleted posts: “Swedish kindergartens and their books:“ I am Bella – a girl with a penis ”,“ And I Linus – a boy with a vagina. “And I’m Tintin and Elsa – I’m a boy and a girl, or something in between.”

“I seek truth and justice for my beloved Sweden. We are sons and daughters of the Vikings, and one day we will rise. I’m sure the gods are watching us and will severely punish the traitors, ”the girl says .

Both in RuNet and in the West, the girl is opposed to Greta Tunberg, although Järvandi did not speak out on environmental topics. But the comparison is obvious: both were born at the same age in Sweden and at an early age turned into activism. And if Greta gained popularity, recognition of celebrities and a platform at the UN summit, then much less people know about Isabella.

“Greta is an instrument of propaganda, and Isabella is an obstacle to this propaganda,” they wrote on VKontakte. “Greta, due to her“ developmental peculiarities, ”is not able to fully analyze her own actions, and Isabella’s position is strong, sincere and relevant,” they say on Yandex.Dzen. “Yarvandi remains extremist for the majority. Just because her position is contrary to state policy, ”they added to the Picabu.

Yarvadi claims that the gender “enlightenment” of schoolchildren is essentially harmful and introduces confusion into the minds of modern students. Are explanations about a thousand different genders, stories about same-sex relationships, and that a change of orientation is absolutely normal, more important than exact sciences, Isabella is indignant.

She also fights for the rights of women who have suffered from violence – in Sweden, and in many European countries, migrant rapists are punished reluctantly and very modestly – suddenly they will be offended and the progressive community will condemn them for their inhumane attitude towards those who have come to visit us.
from material about Isabella Järvandi on

Popularity in Russia

Every day there are more and more similar materials in Russian with approximately the same rhetoric. Since the end of November, Isabella Nilsson Järvandi is gaining popularity in RuNet: in VKontakte you can find dozens of publications about her, some of which collect thousands of likes.

They write about the girl not only political communities, but also publics about memes or music with a millionth audience. And Järvandi’s position on immigrants and “LGBT propaganda” is welcomed in the comments.

On Twitter, the activist is also compared to Tunberg, and almost all Russian-language posts about her are repeated almost word for word, but become popular. Perhaps this is just a translation – there are similar tweets in English and Polish .

Sometimes in Russia they compare the appearance of Thunberg and Järvandi in favor of the latter.

This is not to say that the popularity of Yarvandi in Russia is strongly reflected in its social networks. The girl has a little more than 3 thousand followers on Twitter (she blocked the first social network account for unknown reasons), and 4.5 thousand followers on Instagram . In the fall, Isabella had a profile on VKontakte – the girl tweeted him and several interviews, so he was probably real. From time to time, comments from Russians can be found under the Swedish records.

How did Anti-Greta appear?

Russia is not the first country where Isabella Nilsson Yarvandi suddenly became popular. In the spring of 2019, dozens of Italian publications wrote about her : there she was also called “Anti-Greta” and a hero for the part of society that adheres to “traditional values.” Then the Italian edition of Vice, with the help of two Swedish journalists, figured out how this image of the anti-globalist girl appeared.

Järvandi really performed at three events in Sweden, where several dozen people gathered. According to Vice, the organizer was a local ultra-right organization, whose members include journalist Katerina Janouch. She was accused of spreading rumors about residential areas in Sweden, where even the police are afraid to come because of migrants. Januh and wrote the first materials about Yarvandi.

The first comparison with Greta Thunberg found by journalists appeared in the Swiss edition of Die Weltwoche: “There is one key difference between Greta and Isabella. One is fighting with the support of the establishment. The other is against a politically correct agenda. One is being “led” by professionals, the other is alone. If you ask me, then I know which of them is a real fighter. ” The author of the material is Katerina Yanukh.

Järvandi’s performance in February 2019

Vice also found publications of German and Polish media that can be classified as right or ultra-right. This does not mean that Järvandi herself is an artificially created activist. Surely, she expresses her own views. But the wide contrast of the 16-year-old girl to her peer Grete Thunberg is an attempt by conservatives among journalists and politicians to create a similar young symbol of their views and values, says German media expert Carsten Reinemann.

Järvandi herself quickly moved away from activism associated with public speaking and rallying. Basically, she speaks through social networks and continues to give interviews to bloggers. Periodically, she ironizes over her “rival” Thunberg, either by answering her tweets, or by laying out memes about her contemporary. So far, this is where their confrontation is limited.

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